Exhibit A: Joy likes Terminators a lot
Joy Wilkinson
(photo: Emma Lindley)

In her bolder moments, Joy likes to think she is the missing link between Andrea Dunbar and Jane Goldman.

For a while, it was tricky to do her thing until grounded – and conversely elevatedgenre came out of the shadows and women started to be allowed to tell those stories. Sometimes her work also has a historical element, because history is brilliant.

Her formative moment was in 1991 when she watched Terminator 2 and Thelma & Louise non-stop, alongside her beloved Film Studies A-level at Accrington College and scribbling scripts on the side. She should’ve immediately started making movies about awesome northern cyborg women, but she got side-tracked by the back-up plan and spent a decade writing journalism, interactive quizzes and CVs for senior executives, until winning a place on the first BBC Writers’ Academy allowed her to become a full-time script writer. She now lives in London with her husband and kids, writing non-stop across film, TV, theatre, radio drama and occasionally prose fiction, and is now also directing. She’s still to make her movie about awesome northern cyborg women, but it will happen. One day…

Joy is an Honorary Benefactor of Burnley Youth Theatre, has spoken on numerous panels at industry events, and appeared on Start the Week, Woman’s Hour and the Standard Issue podcast. Occasionally, she posts on the BBC Writersroom Blog and elsewhere – most recently here.

Her favourite TV shows include The Prisoner, GBHThe Wire, Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Succession and Peaky Blinders. Her favourite films are Terminator 2 and Aliens. But she also likes The Terminator and Alien.